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Common Washer and Dryer Issues and Repairs

Be it a dryer or a washer; they are designed with a lifespan of a few years only. But if they are well maintained, you can add to the numbers of its life. But not every appliance comes with proper creation.

Every appliance needs some repairing at regular intervals. No doubt, some of the expenses are quite simple that can be carried out on your own in just some minutes. However, some genuinely need professional help when it comes to changing any part or any major problem.

But before you decide to look for any professional help, here are some tips that would help you keep your washers and dryers running smoothly without any professional help.

Here are some of the common issues with the dryers and washers and some quick solutions to it.

Is Your Washing Machine Smelling Bad?

When you smell something filthy from your washing machine, the bad odor indicates some damage in your washing machine. When you use the machine for cleaning the clothes, but your device gives you a bad smell and doescc14n’t clean the clothes well, your machine is not responding correctly.


The solution to such a filthy smelling washing machine is in your kitchen itself. Use your washing machine by running hot water. Add white vinegar around 2 cups to the water and ½ cup baking soda for eliminating the smell. Run the machine and allow the mixture to clean the machine. This is sure to clean the machine and keep it odor-free.

Is The Motor Of The Washer And Dryer Working Properly?

One of the common issues for which people call the professionals is the bad motor. When this happens, the professionals would surely change the motor. The motor is used constantly and heavily too. This leads to overheating of the motor, and lastly, it stops working too.

Another reason why the motor doesn’t work is bad coupler. The motor coupler is a part that connects the motor to the transmission of the washer. Again, as the part is made out of plastic, it can easily break too.


If the motor is overheated, provide the appliance with sufficient time so that it cools down properly. It is sure to start working again. However, if the coupler is broken, the only solution to this is replacing it, or else it can damage the motor too.

Is Water Circulation Running Properly?

In the washer, the water pump holds a vital role in circulating and draining the water. Again, the water pump is designed from plastic, which is liable to break with ease. Also, due to the defective seal, the chances of leakage or dripping of water at the bottom of the machine would lead to a messy situation.

If you find any blockage in the water pump, the circulation of the water would also be blocked. When the belts in the water pumps break, the pump would also stop working.


The solution to this begins the circulation of the water pumps by replacing them. And this can be adequately carried out by calling a professional. But if the issue is with the seal of the pipe, you can fix that on your own using some leakage fixing material.

Issues With The Igniter Or Thermal Fuse

In the dryer, the thermal fuse of the igniter is a part which works as a heating element which helps in drying the clothes by the heat it produces. When the thermal fuse breaks down or turns unfunctional, the dryer would stop producing heat for drying the clothes. Be it the electric dryer or the gas dryer, the thermal fuse or the igniter when damage, the machines fail to dry the clothes, keeping them wet.


The thermal fuse is part which protects the machine from getting too hot while the clothes are drying. But if you find the clothes are getting burnt or the dryer is overheating, it is the right time to stop using the machine as this requires some professional help. If the issue is not looked after, the thermal fuse can result in the fire at home.

Trembling Of The Washing Machine

Is your washing machine vibrating when you use it? If yes, this can create a staggering racket, which is surely not going to clean your clothes properly. If the machine suddenly starts knocking, the machine might also be out of alignment.


For fixing the trembling of the washing machine, all you need to do is rotate the washing machine legs for lifting and lowering every corner till they are straight. The shaking of the machine can also take place when the balance of the washer is not proper.

To fix this, open the machine lid and rearrange the clothes you have kept for washing evenly on all sides. This would provide the machine with proper balance.

Lastly, the machines also shake with the drum is loose. In this case, you would surely need the help of a professional. Texas residents can check out AC Repair Center and similar experienced appliance repair service companies to schedule an appointment for the necessary repair of your appliances.

Issues With The Belt Of The Washer And Dryer

When the issue is with the belt, it is surely going to damage the washer or the dryer if proper care is not taken. Having a bad belt would not allow the tub of the washer to move effectively. When the belt gets torn or slips at the time of working through the pulley, it would stop the machine or dryer from working completely.


When the belt of the dryer is damaged, broken, or slips out, the functioning of the appliance would be affected, and it would stop working, leaving the clothes wet. Looking for a replaced belt through professional assistance is the best to go with.

No matter, whatever decision you take regarding the fixing of the washer or dryer issue, make sure you consider all the safety points before you begin with the fixing. If looking for a replacement of the parts, make sure you get the right one.

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