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When Dryer Does Not Heat, Use These Repair Tips To Fix It.

Few things are more frustrating than finding your clothes wet in the dryer. Is your dryer does not heat? First, check for the most common reasons when an electric or gas dryer does not heat, such as a tripped circuit breaker, clogged vent, or gas flow.

Stay calm, check if you have nessessary tools, and follow these repair tips, and you can solve basic dryer heating problems on your own. If our simple troubleshooting tips don’t get a dryer to heat up properly, or you simply don’t have the time to fix the problem, schedule an appointment with a dryer repair service with experienced professionals in your local area.

Why Dryer Does Not heat? Here Are The Most Common Answers.

Start by checking for the easiest potential problems you can fix yourself. Here are some common issues that can prevent a dryer from heating:

  • The dryer is not plugged in.
  • The dryer door isn’t completely closed.
  • The dryer lint trap and/or lint screen is filled up with lint, and it’s blocking the heating element’s airflow.

When the lint filter is blocked with debris, the heating element overheats and shuts down the thermostat. Clean the lint filter screen and use a long attachment of the vacuum cleaner to clean out the lint trap. Disconnect the vent exhaust hose from the back of the dryer, and clean inside of it. You will be surprised by all the lint that accumulates in dryer vent hoses.

There is no gas flow.

If you have a gas dryer, ensure the gas valve is on and there is a gas supply to the dryer. Without a gas supply, gas dryers won’t heat. 

There’s a tripped circuit breaker in your electrical panel.

Electric dryers need 240v, two hot lines with 120 V each. One is to operate the motor that turns the drum, and the other is to power the heating element. The breakers for each line trip are independent, and it also depends on how the electrician wired the breaker panel. The tripped breaker to the heating element explains why the drum spins while the dryer does not heat. If any breaker is tripped in the electrical panel, reset it. If it keeps tripping, you might have a bad electrical breaker, and you need an electrician.

Maybe the problem isn’t your dryer at all.

Check your washing machine’s performance. Is the spin cycle wringing most water out of your clothes? Sopping-wet fabric will take forever to dry in a normal operating dryer in the highest temperature setting.

Why Is My Dryer Not Heating?: The More Complex Answers

If none of the common issues seemed to be the culprit for your dryers malfunction, your unit may have one of these issues:

  • A faulty thermal fuse
  • A broken heating element
  • A broken thermostat
  • A defective timer motor
  • A complex electrical or gas issue

Some homeowners may try to replace the heating elements on their own, though this route is a fairly guessing game. Thorough testing with a multimeter means there is a higher chance of diagnosing the problem entirely.

Clothes Dryer Squeaking

Squeaking noise usually comes from moving parts. The moving parts inside any dryers are rollers and idler belts under high spring pressure holding the belt in place. Make sure not to hurt yourself with the spring, and remember how the belt twists around the idler mechanism. If you feel uncomfortable with installing a belt, it’s better to call a professional for a clothes dryer squeaking issue and take care of the issue once and for all. 

Dryer does not heat due to a faulty or broken idler belt.
When Dryer Does Not Heat, Use These Repair Tips To Fix It. 7

Replacing A Heating Element In A Dryer

The heating element comes with 3 or 4 safety and cycling thermostat around it. To test the thermostats and heating element you need an electric meter in order to find exact defective part. Or you can simply purchase all the bulkhead parts in one assembly and replace them all. But again, you need an electric meter to check if any electric power is coming to the element. May be the problem is with the circuit breaker and the heating element is ok. Replacing a heating element in a dryer definitely is very complex and requires electric knowledge and appliance repair experience successfully repiar the heating issue.

The dryer does not heat due to a faulty heating element.
When Dryer Does Not Heat, Use These Repair Tips To Fix It. 8

Dryer Belts Replacement

Dryer belt replacement sounds very easy task to do, but also the difficulty depends on the dryer models and the dryer brand you have. For example, an older Whirlpool dryer is much easier to disassemble and replace the belt. But LG dryers can be very hard to access the belt area. Also, make sure to stay safe from getting hurt by an idler belt tension spring. 

Does the dryer still not heat, even after troubleshooting? It’s time to call the washer and dryer repair experts.

If you’ve reached the end of all your troubleshooting capabilities and your dryer still does not heat, you’ll likely need a professional washer and dryer repair expert’s help. Whenever gas or electricity is involved, it’s always safest to call in a trained expert to handle the job.

For more than 24 years, we at All Austin Repair have provided washer and dryer repair and maintenance to help to homeowners with their daily basic needs. Let us help you by inspecting and servicing your dryer. Call us today or schedule a dryer repair service online. We are one of the top service providers for dryer repair in the Austin area. We at All Austin Repairs work with any brand of dryers, including Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, LG, GE, Amana, Frigidaire, Electrolux, and more.

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