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Frigidaire transforms the home cooking and living experience. From refrigerators to ovens to air conditioners with straightforward designs and functionality, the brand provides on dependability and creativity. In 1916, the business is credited with creating the first self-contained refrigerator. In the 1900s, Americans referred to any refrigerator as a “Frigidaire”, since Frigidaire was so widely recognized for the customer stand-alone fridge.

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What makes Frigidaire appliances stand out from the rest?

Experts believe that Frigidaire was the inspiration for the modern English term “fridge”. However, the fridge isn’t the company’s sole forerunner invention. According to reports, Frigidaire was the first business to develop a room air conditioning unit, food freezer, and the electric range.

In the years after, ownership of Frigidaire has shifted from General Motors to a Sewing Machine Company, and now to Electrolux. Their goal for revolutionary home appliances was unaffected by the shift of ownership and management. Over time, they extended their product line to include wine coolers, cooktops, ranges, vent hoods and a variety of other useful cooking and living equipment.

These appliances are noted for combining cutting-edge technology with excellent usability and power economy. They are dependable, and with regular maintenance, you may get a lot of bang for your dollars.

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