Whirlpool Dryer repair in Austin, Texas

We offer gas and electric Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin area. Our technicians are Whirlpool trained and have all the common spare parts to repair and fix your Whirlpool dryer on the same day. All our services come with a warranty and exceptional customer service. Call us today and schedule a repair appointment with one of our friendly dispatches or request a call back from a real technician. We have the lowest repair cost and the longest warranty.

The Best Local Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin

Whirlpool dryers are perhaps the most commonly used dryers among the homeowners of the Austin area. Over the years Whirlpool Corporation has proven a long-lasting durability and reasonable appliance cost. Customers trust just the name Whirlpool and customers know what they get when they purchase Whirlpool brand appliances. Among Whirlpool appliances dryers conceder one of the most used everyday appliances. Our company All Austin Repairs has a long history working on Whirlpool dryers and some of our repair technicians even worked for Whirlpool repair services. Our repair experts have most of the spare parts for Whirlpool dryers and for us its almost guaranteed to finish the Whirlpool dryer on the same day.

Call us today for any questions regarding Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin and one of our repair professionals will get your dryer running again at no time.

We offer top quality Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin and nearby cities, Texas. Call us at +1 (512)-663-8852 for any Whirlpool appliance repair services today.

we repair both electric and gas dryers

We are ready to help you in repairing your dryer, whether it is electric or gas-powered. Let’s have a look at the differences between these two dryer types.

  • Electric clothes dryer – Electric dryers are a cost-effective option to think about. These front-loading dryers are simple to use. When you install them, you will also be able to save a lot of money since propane gas is very expensive in the Austin area. Electric dryers also are safer to use. Typically at the store electric dryers are cheaper than gas dryers for about $50.
  • Dryers that run on gas – Propane or natural gas are used to power gas dryers. Gas dryers may be very very expensive to use in the Austin area. Most houses have both power supply and it depends on the homeowner to install electric or gas dryers. We highly recommend installing electric dryers.

Regardless of the sort of dryer you have, finding the best Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin is crucial. It is something that the All Austin Repairs staff can help you with. Our professionals will use their expertise to repair any dryers, gas or electric when it comes to Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin area.

Common Whirlpool Dryer issues That We Fix:

whirlpool dryer will not heat or whirlpool dryer quit heating

Power is coming to the dryer, but the dryer won’t start. The first step is to check the door switch. If the door switch is ok, proceed to the disassembling rear panel. Make sure the unit is disconnected from the power supply. Electric dryers get 240V so it’s very important to disconnect the power cord from the outlet. So, when removing the rear panel, there are a few thermostats and thermal fuses located in different parts of the unit. All thermostats must read continuity. A failed fuse or thermostat will prevent the dryer from starting. This repair requires an electrical meter and basic electrical knowledge.

We recommend calling an appliance repair professional like All Austin Repairs and saving yourself time with this type of repair. We service any type of dryer and when it comes to Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin, we have all the necessary tools and spare parts to complete the repair right on the same day.

Dryer Makes squeaky Noisy While Running

Possible failed parts could be defective rollers, the idler belt, the broken wheel blower, or in some whirlpool dryers even from bearing. Our dryer repair engineers carry only original Whirlpool OEM parts when it comes to dryer spare parts. The reason is simple, Whirlpool parts have the best quality and when it comes to moving parts under huge pressure and belt tension, we want to make sure customers get only the best quality parts. And for us also fewer repair visits and a happy customer for life. Call us today with questions regarding Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin, and one of our technicians, real technicians will call you back.

Dryer won’t spin and whirlpool dryer stops heating

Failure to spin – the issue is generally caused by a malfunctioning idler pulley, a damaged belt, or a faulty roller. Our skilled dryer technicians have the answers you’re looking for to solve this problem. It’s very hard to diagnose over the phone and our technicians at All Austin Repairs prefer to be next to the dryer to visually inspect and run proper diagnostics to determine the issue.

Overheating whirlpool dryer fix

The overheating issue is caused by a cycling thermostat. Please call us with the model and serial number for the unit and we will calculate the total for the repair cost and will let you know before even starting the repair. It’s always good to know how much the repair will cost before technicians arrive at your place.

Takes long time to dry clothes

The blocked exhaust duct caused the dryer to keep running and running. There are two factors in any dryer on which drying cloth depends. Airflow and the heat. If the exhaust duct is blocked, then there is no airflow, and the heat cannot escape and heat cannot remove the moisture from the wet cloth. Therefore, make sure the air pressure is not lost at the end of the exhaust ducts or maybe even partially blocked ducts. Most of the time shorted thermal fuse is caused by a blocked exhaust duct. At All Austin Repairs, we have special tools to check airflow and give your Whirlpool dryer a nice maintenance if needed.

A blocked exhaust duct causes lint to build up inside the dryer which could cause fire if it reaches the heating element. Call us at All Austin Repairs today and get your maintenance scheduled or just call us for any questions regarding Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin area and surrounding cities.

The most trusted whirlpool clothes dryer repair in Austin

Our customer love our services and they trust us with their Whirlpool dryers. We have the best service repair experience with Whirlpool dryer repair in Austin area and we have provided many homeowners in the Austin area with very competitive dryer repair costs and exceptional customer service. We offer Whirlpool dryer repair in West Lake Hills, Austin, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, and more.

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