Refrigerator Repair

If you are on this page, it means that you have a problem with your home refrigerator and you are looking for a local appliance repair company to fix it. But how to know which company is the best for your specific repair needs and which local service company has the best refrigerator repair technicians? All Austin Repairs has one of the best service technicians for refrigerator repair, with exceptional customer service and factory-trained service staff. You can schedule an appointment with one of our friendly dispatchers, or request a call back from the technician if you have any technical questions about refrigerator repair.

The Best Refrigerator Repair Company In Your Area

All Austin Repairs offers professional refrigerator repair services on short notice. We offer refrigerator repair in Austin, Bee Cave, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Lakeway, West Lake Hills, Sun City, Leander, Hutto, Steiner Ranch, and Pflugerville. Some common problems include refrigerator compressor problems, thermostat problems, and leaks. We understand that such repairs are extremely time-consuming. Delays can lead to food spoilage and additional costs for replenishing your entire refrigerator. That is why we offer refrigerator repairs on the same day. With us, you can be sure that your refrigerator will be repaired as soon as possible.

Hire All Austin Repairs to get the most professional, fast and reliable refrigerator repair services in your area, by calling at +1 (512)-663-8852.
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What Brand Refrigerator Fridge Repair We Offer

 Our team of experienced specialists will come to your home well-equipped to repair your broken refrigerator, regardless of brand. Our experts are fully trained professionals who are knowledgeable and polite. When you make an appointment with a repair specialist, he always arrives on time and prepared, carrying with him all the basic details to fully guarantee the fast and efficient execution of the work. In addition, we clean after ourselves, so you don’t have to do it! Here are the common appliances that we usually encounter and repair:

  • Sub-Zero refrigerators
  • GE refrigerators
  • Monogram refrigerators
  • LG refrigerators
  • Amana refrigerators
  • Samsung refrigerators
  • Whirlpool refrigerators
  • Frigidaire refrigerators
  • Maytag refrigerators
  • Thermador refrigerators
  • KitchenAid refrigerators
  • Viking refrigerators

Don’t Search Further For A “Fridge Service Repair Near Me”

The first thing any homeowner does after detecting a warm temperature in the refrigerator is to search on Google for “fridge service repair near me”. Fear of losing all the expensive groceries, is one of the last things anybody wants to deal with. It’s a matter of time before it’s too late for all the groceries to go bad. To find an appliance repair specialist to fix the fridge, homeowners sometimes end up with an inexperienced local technician who could delay the repair for days or weeks.

We at All Austin Repairs will go far and beyond with many extra steps to leave our customers satisfied with our services and even for them to call us in the future if they have any appliance repair problems.

 Our repair technicians have the best knowledge to repair any refrigerator brands and to perform any kind of repairs on fridges. We can completely rebuild the seal system for Sub-Zero built-in refrigerators or replace LG linear compressors on the same day. We can vacuum condenser coils or replace a water filter. Most of our technicians are veterans of the appliance repair industry who previously worked for manufacturers such as Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG. We go through constant training to stay updated with the new technologies coming from all the appliance manufacturers. Call us today and stop searching further on the Internet since there is no better refrigerator repair company than us at All Austin Repairs.

 Any Repair On Refrigerators Of Any Brands

Does your refrigerator run continuously? We understand that you need a working refrigerator to keep the food cold. Contact All Austin Repairs specialists for help. We have a staff of trained appliance specialists ready to fix any refrigerator issues. We will send a licensed and insured home appliance repair specialist to your home on the same day. Most of our repairs have same-day completion since our technicians carry spare parts to repair and fix refrigerators of any brand. Our technicians carry on their tracks the most commonly installed spare parts such as LG linear compressors and water valves, Samsung icemakers and defrost system parts, Sub-Zero icemakers, and most of the KitchenAid refrigerator parts.

For any problems with refrigerator repair in Austin, give us a call and request to speak to a technician if you have any technical questions before scheduling any diagnostic repair appointment with us. We want our customers to trust us with a repair on their refrigerator or any other appliances they own. All Austin Repair hires only professionals with a long appliance repair service experience after a clean background check. We understand the importance of privacy and trust in our service staff working inside homes, and we respect that.

Our Refrigerator Repair Tips

One of the very common complaints from our customers is not cooling refrigerators. Our repair techs always happy to help customers with diagnostics over the phone. But unfortunately, sometimes we cannot find the issue with the appliances over the phone. Our technician must be near the refrigerator to diagnose the fridge and determine which part is defective by simply disassembling it and testing parts with the electric tester. For example, a failed thermostat, heater, control board, or defrost timer has the same sign of defrost issue. Our tech must be near the refrigerator in order to know which part is a failed one. 

But the most common issues that we recommend to check for proper operations are the following tips: 

  1. Not Cooling. When the unit is not cooling, the main reason could be related to a compressor, the defrost system, the defrost timer, or the main control board. 
  2. Leak Issue. For the leaking issue, failed parts could be a blocked drain, a failed defrost system, a broken water filter base, or a cracked water filter due to low temperature.
  3. Ice Frost Inside. The most common failed parts are failed door gaskets, a faulty condenser fan, or a failed defrost system. 
  4. Noise Issue. The noise issue could be related to a failing compressor or a failing one of the defrost system parts. 

our Refrigerator repair mission

At All Austin Repairs, your convenience is our top priority. In addition to providing emergency and same-day services, we strive to complete the refrigerator repair on-site and as quickly as possible. Moreover, we provide the most competitive prices in Austin. Our work goes beyond the simple repair of your device. We not only guarantee the long-term quality of our services but also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Our Refrigerator Maintenance Services

All Austin Repairs provides high-quality home refrigerator repair services to Austin households. Our team of professional technicians has all the required licenses and experience to ensure that when you hire us, your device will be fixed on the same day. We understand that household appliances have a habit of failing when you don’t expect them to. For this reason, we are available 24/7 for all your home refrigerator repair needs, including weekends and holidays. We even offer repairs of all household refrigerators of all brands and models on the same day.