Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair in Sun City, Texas

Sub-Zero is one of the most expensive brands in the market, and there is a reason for that. To repair high-end brand appliances such as Sub-Zero, technicians have to be EPA licensed and have actual Sub-Zero repair experience background. At All Austin Repairs we are one of the best experts to repair any Sub-Zero refrigerator in Sun City area. We are fully licensed and insured to make sure our customers feel satisfied with our service without any sign of doubt. Call us for any questions regarding Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sun City, and one of our friendly representatives will help you schedule an appointment. You can also request to speak to a real technician if you have any repair questions.

The Best Local Sub-Zero Fridge repair in Sun City

We are one of the most trusted Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sun City and our customers always stay satisfied with our services. Our Sub-Zero fridge repair engineers have the necessary experience to repair any issues with any Sub-Zero made refrigerators with exceptional customer service. Call us today for any questions or concerns regarding any Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sun City and one of our friendly dispatchers will help you with scheduling a repair appointment.

Our maintenance includes cleaning and vacuuming the condenser coil and extends the life of your appliance for several more years. Our services include any repairs starting simply with thermostat or door gasket replacement, and more complex repairs which are completely rebuilding the sealed system and compressor for your refrigerator. All Austin Repairs is one of the few appliance repair companies that can work with old types of freon which is R12 or R22. We can replace any parts related to the sealed system, which are the compressor, heat exchanger, filter dryer and evaporator coil.

While offering refrigerator repair services, we come across the need to replace numerous parts as well. That’s where we make sure to use original replacement parts. Therefore, you should not worry about the quality of our repairs. You can expect to get your refrigerator back to its original working condition. Some of the parts that we replace during our refrigerator repair services include compressors, solenoids, valves, fans and evaporators, door switches, door seals, cold controls, defrost heaters, bulbs, water filters, thermostats, components of the ice maker, bins, shelves, drawers and more.

For any Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sun City, call us at 512-663-8852

Some Most Common Sub-Zero Repair Issues

We repair and fix sub-zero refrigerators

Sub-Zero has a dual control zone for their refrigerators. It means that the refrigerator section is independent from the freezer section. Both sides have identical cooling systems, but the freezer section is designed for a much colder temperature. When one of the sections fails, the other section will keep working without interruption. Our appliance repair experts have a direct line to the technical support of Sub-Zero and at any time we can get history or technical data for any model of Sub-Zero refrigerators. Homeowners can trust us to deliver the best Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sun City.

Water in the bottom of the fridge section

When a Sub-Zero refrigerator leaks water it means that the drain is most likely plugged with ice or food crumbs. To clear the clog, remove any ice and rinse the drain using hot water, a heat gun or a steamer. If it doesn’t work, look for signs of a crack on the water filter base. If this part is damaged, it must be replaced. Sometimes even water filters crack too and dripping water accumulates puddle in the bottom which later freezes and turns into ice. We are the best service team for Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sun City. Contact us today and get the best services we offer to repair and fix Sub-Zero refrigerators in your area.

Sub-Zero Maintenance tips

There are only a few tips for any Sub-Zero refrigerators that have to be done each year. Vacuuming a condenser coil, replacing a water filter and replacing an air filter inside the refrigerator section. Vacuuming the condenser coil can be very easy and anybody can do it by watching a few YouTube videos. A clean condenser coil can save the life of a compressor, a condenser fan motor or a relay protector. Some of the repairs, such as replacing a compressor, can be very expensive and usually cost thousands to the homeowners. Our Sub-Zero maintenance team has all the right tools to clean the condenser coil, check compressor functions, and adjust a freon level if needed.

sub-zero ice maker not working

When the temperature is close to zero Fahrenheit, the ice maker should advance through the cycle. The ice maker dumps ice from the ice tray and fills up with water supplied by the water valve. The cycle goes on and on unless arm level stops the ice maker from making further ice. This is a simple explanation of the ice making system in Sub-Zero fridges. But there are many other factors that also can affect the ice maker from a proper ice harvest. When the temperature is not at the right setting, the seal system is low on freon, the ice maker fill tube is blocked by ice, the evaporator fan in the freezer is not working, etc.

For any Sub-Zero fridge repair, questions call our main line and request to speak to a real technician, one of our repair experts will call you back with any consultation you need with your DIY projects. If you want to save yourself time and headaches, schedule a repair appointment with one of our friendly dispatchers and we will repair the ice maker on the same visit. Our field repair Sub-Zero refrigerator technicians carry the most common Sub-Zero made ice makers and water valves on their service trucks.

Cities we offer Sub-Zero service

We service the cities of Austin, Lakeway, West Lake Hills, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Sun City, Bee Cave, Spicewood, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Jonestown, Old Enfield, Bryker Woods, South River City, Zilker, Bouldin Creek, Rosedale, Barton Creek, Windsor Road, Holly, East Cesar Chavez, Rosewood, Lost Creek, Rollingwood, Tarrytown, Allandale, Davenport Ranch, and Downtown Austin.

The Most trusted Sub-Zero refrigerator Repair in Sun City.

Yes! Being one of the best Sub-Zero service providers in the Sun City, we will make sure that your fridge goes through all the necessary repairs and receives the best possible service. All our technicians have experience more than 15 years, and yet they train continuously to deal with new technologies from Sub-Zero in order to provide you with the best services that you require.

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