Is Your Wine Cooler Malfunctioning?

If you have gone through the effort of purchasing an appliance with the sole purpose of keeping your vintage drinks cool, it is reasonable to demand that such an appliance operates with reliability. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. So, what do you do when, one day, you open your wine cooler and pull out your favorite Sauvignon only to find that you might as well have left it on kitchen table?

First of all, before we start worrying about malfunctions or product defects, let’s check a few other things, even if it seems silly:

  1. Is the cord plugged in? Even if you definitely remember plugging it in beforehand, someone may have disconnected it on accident, or simply forgot to return it after using the electrical outlet for something else.
  2. Is the cooler being supplied with the proper voltage? You can’t expect anything to function without sufficient power. Make sure to match your electric supply with the amount your cooler requires.
  3. Are the cooler’s feet sitting evenly? If you own a compressor-based cooler, it’s bound to make some light noise; but if something is off balance, it may be causing a vibration they amplifies the sound many times over.
  4. Is the door closing securely? Sometimes an item in the cooler prevents the door from shutting all the way; even the slightest protrusion of a bottle can keep the seal around the door from retaining the cool air.

After doing a quick assessment, you find that the problem might be more serious, such as a compressor malfunction, air or water leak, excessive frost build-up, or temperature failure, it is best to call a professional; any attempts to alter or service the appliance without proper training will, more often than not, result in further damage and malfunction.

If you need assistance in identifying and repairing any problems with your wine cooler, contact us. Our five-star team specializes in repairs of almost any major-brand appliances, including: Bosch, Dacor, Frigidaire, Gaggenau, GE, Haier, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Marvel, Miele, Sub Zero, Thermador, Viking, Westinghouse, and Whirlpool.

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