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LG refrigerator is not cooling – LG Linear Compressor

LG refrigerator is not cooling is one of the most common LG refrigerator problems. After a short Google research, any homeowner will find lots of articles and videos about LG linear compressors and LG refrigerator cooling issues. Unfortunately, most consumers don’t know about LG linear compressors and have never even heard about them before purchasing one. Consumers like the design and price, which are marketing strategies for selling any product. But later in a year or two, a sudden temperature issue with their LG refrigerator will make them to research and dive deeper into what could be the problem and how to fix it.

In this blog post, we will explain the process of compressor replacement and how to deal with LG customer service or the LG warranty claim center.  

What to Check When LG Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

The first thing to check visually when the LG refrigerator is not cooling is to check for the doors being closed properly. Sometimes, a little box of frozen food or an ice cream, which falls behind the shelves or drawers, can prevent the doors from closing all the way. The gap in between the gasket and the refrigerator body could be enough for the warm air to mess up all the cooling issues. Checking power in the outlet is also very important, and most of the time, a faulty circuit breaker solves the issue of the LG refrigerator not cooling.

The condenser coil must be maintained and vacuumed every year; not cleaning the condenser coil could result in the compressor getting overheating and failing. Condenser coil cleaning is a must-do for every refrigerator, and this maintenance will save thousands in expenses in the future. We will soon have another article on how to clean the condenser coil and will leave a link to it on this page. 

LG Fridge Not Cooling

Let’s say you checked the fridge’s doors, and they are closing fine. No loud noise comes from the refrigerator, and the condenser coil is clean. What’s now? What else could you check before calling an appliance repair specialist? Well, before calling an LG appliance repair specialist, make sure to ask them if they can replace the LG linear compressor. Ask them if they have an LG linear compressor with them in the servicing vehicle and if they are able to replace the compressor if it has failed. 

Yes, believe it or not, but we have noticed that many companies do not work with LG, and they still take calls and make trips to customers’ houses. Upon arrival, those techs will collect their diagnostics fee, and they advise to call LG. As a technician myself, many of my customers were very upset that the previous company collected the service call and, in 5 minutes of diagnostic time, advised them to call LG since the unit is under manufacture warranty. 

Any LG refrigerator service company must have LG linear compressors in their truck stock and a special jig to update the control board. Newer LG compressors come with updated software electronic controls. Customers have two choices: to replace the board and pay around $300 or update the existing one for free. As I mentioned above, choosing a proper company can help to replace the compressor on the same day and update the board for free. 

Is new Compressors will Fix LG Linear Compressor Issues

Let’s say you found the best LG service provider, and they replaced the LG linear compressor and updated the software in the motherboard. Now, how long will the new compressor last? Is the new compressor built better than the old compressor? The answer is kind of yes. The newer LG linear compressor is updated internally and will not fail as much as the old compressor did. But as a technician myself, and to fix LG refrigerators every day for many years, I can tell that our recall statistics are very low. 1-2 out of 20 customers call us back within two years with the same problem. On how to replace LG linear compressor please watch this video.

LG refrigerator is not cooling and how to fix it. LG linear compressor replacement.
LG refrigerator is not cooling - LG Linear Compressor 5

lG Refrigerator Repair-cost Of linear compressor replacement

This is a tricky question to answer. It depends on the demographic location. CA is very different from TX, let’s say. Even CA can be very different; for example, LA has more service providers, and with the competition, the price goes down. Most companies do not want to lose customers, and those companies offer the lowest labor costs. In rural cities, where competition is basically very low to none, labor can be very high to replace the linear compressors. It is safe to say that the labor cost to replace a compressor in a not cooling LG refrigerator is anywhere from $450 to $750. 

How to Call LG service support to Fix LG Refrigerator

The warranty for the LG linear compressor is extended up to 10 years for the compressor and five years for the labor. So, if your LG refrigerator is less than five years old, make sure you call only LG at 800-243-0000, and the repair will be completely free. If your refrigerator is over five years old, then only the linear compressor is under manufacturer warranty, and you need to pay for the labor only. Any repair company can request parts from LG, and this process is very easy.

We suggest finding a service in your area that specializes in installing linear compressors and can get parts from the LG manufacturer. In that case, you will save time with the repair process and pay less. 

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