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LG Refrigerator Not Cooling And How To Fix It.

LG refrigerators are one of the most modern-looking appliances, and they come with a lot of modern technology in them. Consumers like their design and price compared to the other refrigerator brands. But who do you call, or what do you need to check when your LG refrigerator not cooling? In this post, we will go over basic stuff that any homeowner can check or do before calling service professionals. For some tests, ensure the unit is unplugged and disconnected from the outlet. The last thing we want is for anybody to get hurt trying to repair an appliance without proper experience.

Below we will list most common related issues when LG refrigerator not cooling.

LG Refrigerator not cooling, but the freezer is working fine.

The first step is to check the unit visually. Make sure the doors are closed. If you notice that the freezer or fresh food side doors were open overnight, close the door and wait for 7 to 10 hours to see if any changes will occur. If nothing changes with the temperature, disconnect the unit from the outlet, wait up to 24 hours, and then connect it back to the power. Sometimes, the moisture and ice block the fan from operating generally after the door has been open for too long. Disconnecting the refrigerator from the outlet for 24 hours will melt all the ice frost around the fan, and the unit will return to a normal operation.

Defrost Issue and How to check it.

The second step is to check the Frost on the back panel inside the freezer room. If it’s a side-by-side refrigerator, open the freezer door, and toward the bottom, look for the ice built up in the back panel. On the French door-type refrigerator, you have to pull out the drawer and look at the back part of the freezer. If you see ice built up, it means the defrost system is not operating properly.

Any new refrigerator has an automatic defrost mode.A defrost system for any refrigerator, including LG refrigerators, involves three main parts. The thermostat or sensor, the heating element, and the main control board are also known as motherboards. Defrost system repair is a complex repair that involves basic knowledge of how electricity works and requires a multimeter to test components.

The drawers and rails must be removed before accessing the heating element to access all the components. The rear cover has wiring from the fan and thermometer attached to it. We highly recommend calling LG refrigerator repair professionals who can fix LG refrigerator with the defrost issue.

Condenser Fan motor.

The next step would be the condenser fan motor, which is located near the compressor. The refrigerator must be pulled out in order to acces the condenser coil. The compressor with condenser coil is located on the bottom part and covered with a rear cover and 7 to 10 screws. As we said, the unit has to be pulled out, and the rear panel should be removed. Usually, the condenser coil is located on the right side, and the compressor is located on the left side and in between the condenser fan motor.

The condenser fan motor is a crucial component for the refrigerator to operate properly, and when the condenser fan is not working, the compressor gets overheated. Make sure the unit is disconnected before testing the fan’s blades to see if they move freely. If you detect that blades are seized, it means you need a new condenser fan motor.

Condenser coil cleaning.

While you have the unit pulled out and the rear cover removed, pay attention to the condenser coil. The condenser coil must be clean for the best airflow and so the compressor does not get overheated. The condenser coil must be vacuumed/cleaned every year, and for households with domestic pets, the condenser coil must be vacuumed twice a year. While vacuuming the coil, make sure not to bend blades and, more importantly, not cut yourself.

Use a brush and gently brush it while keeping your vacuum near it since the condenser coil collects dust over the years. If you find a dirty condenser coil, clean it and connect the refrigerator back to the outlet. Wait up to 12 hours to see if the temperature will drop in a freezer section. If cleaning coil does not fix LG refrigerator, then its time to call a professional LG service tech. You can always call us at All Austin Repairs and request to speak to a tech if you have any questions regarding LG refrigerator not cooling issue.

How to fix LG refrigerator with a linear compressor issue.

Need help to fix LG refrigerator not cooling issue? Call us at All Austin Repairs for any repair help.
LG Refrigerator Not Cooling And How To Fix It. 3

You checked the condenser fan motor, and it was working fine, the condenser coil is clean, and there is no defrost sign inside the freezer section, so there is a high possibility you have compressor issues. LG uses linear compressors on their refrigerators. Linear compressor is very efficient and it works hard when refrigerator is warm and it uses just a little power when refrigerator needs to cool down just for a few degrees only. The bottom line is that it’s a variable cooling compressor.

LG has a lawsuit for its linear compressors, and LG offers a free compressor for up to 10 years, covering the labor for up to five years for any LG refrigerator. Before calling the repair service, when you find out that your LG refrigerator not cooling properly, call LG directly and ask for the warranty information. This repair is very complex, and to fix LG refrigerator’s linear compressors, the technician must have proper knowledge and experience. The freon must be removed, and the new Freon has to be charged if the compressor has an electrical short inside.

For issue such as LG refrigerator not cooling issues we recommend to hiring local LG refrigerator repair techs who is certified to work with LG linear compressors. Our company in Austin has all the proper tools and knowledge to repair and fix LG refrigerators, and we can help you over the phone id you have any technical questions. How to replace LG linear compressor, you can check this video.

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