Washing Machine and Dryer Issues & Repair in Austin

Washing Machines Problems and Repairs

Washing machines have many components that need to work duly altogether for the machine’s proper washing as well as proper drying. Washing machines need to soak the clothes, stir them to remove as much dirt as possible, then spin them dry. There are a few of the most common problems with washing machines including the following.

  • Washer Does Not Spin – This is the most common reason for a washer, and it’s most likely because of the non-working lid switch assembly. If this switch does not lock, for protection reasons, the machine will not spin at all. Replacing the switch should solve this issue. 
  • Washer Does Not Drain – The drain pump may become clogged, causing the machine to stop draining water properly. Cleaning or if needed replacing the drain pump will solve this issue.
  • Washer Overflows – A washer that overflows is caused by the water inlet valve or the faulty pressure switch. Both of these can be examined and fixed if needed to prevent the machine from overflowing again. 

Repairing a washing machine that doesn’t work properly can be done quickly. It’s a simple task, that a trained technician can easily figure out what’s the problem and fix it.

Dryer Problems and Repairs

Linear drying is an outdated topic, and besides, it is not always possible. Whether the pollen count is high, or it’s just raining, a homeowner won’t want to not be able to use the dryer. Some of the most common issues a dryer might encounter will include the following.

  • The Dryer Does Not Dry Clothes At Once – This is the most common issue for a dryer, and the main reason is the clogged vent. Ignoring this can not only lead to soggy clothes, but to starting a fire as well. The lint trap should be cleaned out manually every time you use your dryer and the vent should be cleaned at least yearly. 
  • Dryer Isn’t Turning On – This is typical because the machine is not getting any power. It may be as easy as checking the fuse, but if that isn’t it, the problem could be that the dryer has a faulty start switch. A trained technician can check the switch to see if that is the reason. 
  • Dryer Drum Isn’t Rotating – If the dryer goes on and gets hot, but the drum doesn’t rotate, it is most likely caused by a broken belt. A trained tech could replace the belt and test if the problem is fixed. 

Any problems you have with your dryer can be diagnosed quickly and fixed by a qualified technician. Keeping the lint trap tidy and contacting for professional help as soon as a problem is marked will help keep your dryer in great shape and safe, so a homeowner wouldn’t look for other ways to dry clothes. 

If you have any issues with your washing machine or your dryer, doesn’t mean you have to start saving for a new machine or taking your clothes to a laundromat. Instead, you can have them tested and fixed by contacting our quality and affordable repair services at All Austin Repairs. We’ll make sure your appliance is properly serviced to serve you for many years to come.


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